How to sign up

Call the store during business hours or stop by the shop to register for a scheduled class. Registration fees vary, but to reserve a spot payment is required. Kit classes require the purchase of the specified kit.

Payment Options

We are dedicated to supporting our teachers as well as our students! Our policy is that all classes will be paid up front in solid gold bars or low denomination, unmarked bills. Kidding! We take all the usual suspects for class fees just as we do in the shop--charge, check, or cash.


4-session classes, meet 4 times $35 per student (2 hours per session) Semiprivate.

2-session classes, meet 2 times $25 per student (2 hours per session) Semiprivate.

1-session classes, meet once $15 per student (2 hours per session)  Semiprivate.

Private lessons $20 per hour (1.5 hour minimum)

Tuition discounts are applied when yarn/class supplies are purchased at the shop.  

Knitting Parties and other 1-session classes $15 per student (2 hours per session)

Help Session Rates: In general there is never a charge for help at a sit-n-knit, though tips are welcome. But, if you require a great deal of help, you may prefer a private help session with me or one of our other skilled teachers. If scheduling a private help session, private lesson rates apply.

BRCC tuition is determined by the school. Prices for BRCC classes are listed in the BRCC catalog.

100% student tuition is one of the perks for teaching at Kniticality. Are you a great teacher? Call us now!


Weather Class will only be cancelled if the public schools in the area (or the venue chosen for the class) are closed. In these cases, the class will be made up on the makeup date (scheduled for every class). Some cancellations or weather updates may be posted on our Facebook page.

Refunds for missed classes You are responsible for attending class as scheduled. Please arrange to attend each class as there will be no refunds for missed classes. You are welcome to make up the session, however.

Loaned equipment We do sometimes loan  equipment to students, but generally not as a matter of course. Please honor us and future students by returning anything borrowed. We'll honor you by making certain you know what and where to get the stuff you need for class.

Class Projects We will work with you until you finish your class project...your initial tuition covers this. If you need help to finish your project after the class is over, then come to Thursday/Friday sit-n-stitch sessions or to the shop. Again, there is no charge for helping you finish up a class project.

Purchasing supplies for class We don't require class supplies to be purchased from Kniticality. We do, however, have to eat and so appreciate it when students buy from us. Tuition discounts are available when purchasing class materials (yarn, tools, books, etc) from Kniticality, and this program helps keep tuition low for great classes.

We never require the purchase of needles to get a discount on class, however. Many of us have our needles already. 

Help We will always try our best to help knitters and crocheters who are having trouble with any project, regardless of whether or not it was purchased at Kniticality. Mostly this is free. We can always negotiate a fee for extensive assistance if required.