Amy Johnson, Owner & KIC
I learned crochet from my grannies who, among other things, made wonderful laces from #10 cotton thread and tiny steel hooks. I’m lucky enough to have a swatch collection made by their hands and a couple of finished pieces, as well as one of those ancient, sturdy little hooks.
They got me started, and it was a flood that couldn’t be stopped. After years of crochet, I tried to learn to knit on my own without success, so I took a 2-hour class that taught knit, purl, cast-on and bind-off. Can you imagine? I walked out of there more confused than ever but extremely determined, so I was off. Years later, I’ve learned so much, and made some amazing friends (and projects) along the way. I owe a debt of gratitude to Teri Gabric of Northwoods Farm and Fiber, where I began teaching and met many wonderful people. A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to meet Martha Howell from Blue Ridge Community College and arranged to teach there. It was my teaching home until establishing Kniticality as a brick-and-mortar in 2012.


Varian Brandon, Instructor - Brandon Knitting Designs

Varian has designed for companies like Knit One, Crochet Too and others. She hosts Periscope events and has a Ravelry page as well as a website and blog featuring her work.

Jan Hedden, Instructor
Jan Hedden is a welcome addition to our roster of instructors; her experience as a knitter and teacher of knitting gives confidence and helps her students master their craft.

Roberta Platt, Instructor
Roberta Platt learned to knit at about 10 years of age, and knitted through college and motherhood. Upon retiring from the floral industry in 2005, she began teaching at Knitting with Nancy, a yarn shop in Naples, Florida. Roberta's designs appear online on Ravelry via Loops and on the Claudia Hand Paints Yarns website. Most recently, she released two designs (including the cover!) in Chelsea Morning 2016, a Stacy-Charles publication.

Jason Huber, Instructor
Jason has been crocheting for six years. His first project, an ambitious shawl with hand-made tassels, sparked an enthusiasm that lingers to this day. This enthusiasm is evidenced by a formidable yarn stash and crochet hooks in every briefcase, bag, and coat pocket. Jason currently studies and teaches writing at Western Carolina University. When he's not there, he loves to share his knowledge of crochet with students at Kniticality.

Janine Paris, Web administrator, graphic designer, KOIC
Knitting for Janine is an enjoyment of immersion in process, at least that's what she says when we ask how a project is going.

Cinderella - Your friendly neighborhood shop dog! She doesn't understand the concept of car ownership! She stands on the mountainside and barks until there's a reason to bark a lot!

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