Projects & Possibilities: 3N

I love this's an over-sized I-cord wreath! I pinned this earlier today, made it last week. It's hanging in the shop, on the door to the classroom. Took maybe 40 minutes, including the time I took to obsess over fluffing and arranging. I added some other things here and there, but I've slowly removed them all because the yarn and needles are so beautifully simple together. The needles themselves are an antique pair given to my Mom by Joyce Lennert, one of our long-time knitters.

These are the instructions I posted with the pin...let me know if you have any questions or if you make one!

Grafted I-cord wreath (no needles needed for actual knitting)...make I-cord until you can tuck the cast on end into the live end, then graft onto the set of stitches above the cast on. Helps if you make your cast on and first row a little tight. Wrap remaining yarn into jaunty ball, hold in place with skewer or dowel. Attach to wreath base, stick in needles and you're done! Measures approx. 15" across.

If you haven't followed our Kniticality Pinterest board, take a look! I'm indexing our samples there as well as pinning items of interest and other lovelies.