Christmas 2x

Knitters have a Christmas season bar none--sometimes gift-planning for next year starts before this year's presents are even unwrapped!  We like giving and receiving handmade gifts, but it can be easy to spend the summer months procrastinating; imagining the perfect gifts, browsing patterns, starting and putting down a zillion projects. Then fall zips right by and there's no time left! Mom's hunted down, designed, and organized five great gifts to keep or stash for the holidays. It's the perfect solution to the holiday time-crunch.

We call it Christmas in July and it's a pretty cool setup! Each gift is easy and attractive, and can be completed in one session. Each class is only $15 and is offered twice--once in the morning for all you early birds and once in the afternoon or evening for the rest of us. Sign up for all five and get a discount! It's a great way to knock out or get a head start on your handmade gifts and still have plenty of time to enjoy the summer weather.

Registration will be open online and in-store.

Download the Christmas in July calendar as a PDF