24601: Answering the Rhetorical Question I Asked Myself

Hello! A lot of you have seen me in the shop on Saturdays, wandering in a sea of beautiful yarn (uh, I mean, helping out and Being Very Serious about it). I'm Janine, Amy and Carl's oldest daughter, and I'm introducing myself online because I'll be helping Mom with the blog and website as well as in the Saluda store.

I love knitting, the longest lasting in an extensive lineage of handcrafts explored and abandoned. As an artist and semi-reformed painter, the possibilities for mixing creative expression and practical beauty in knitting are quite compelling to me. Knitting and crochet can be a matter of careful engineering, wild imagination, trend-setting innovation or a shout-out to history and culture. Knitting ties together generations of people across continents and it's exciting to be part of it in the digital age, when our communities can be connected around the globe. 

My own connections to knitting are personal, as you might guess. When I was little I was taught to knit on my fingers with those jersey craft loops by a family friend. I had pretty much forgotten about knitting in general until Mom started to take and then give classes. I'd come home from college and she'd teach me something new. After I graduated I started getting interested in yarn. I dabbled in simple design while Jason and I lived in New Mexico. Then, when we moved back to western North Carolina this past January, Mom invited me to come and work for her at the shop on Robin Lane.

If you had asked me at 15 if I thought I'd want to always be learning from and working with Mom, I'd probably have given you some pretty serious side-eye, but luckily nobody stays a teenager forever. (For the most part, anyway.) This craft that has connected so many has given my mother and I another bond as adults that we never could have had otherwise. I'm so grateful for the chance to help expand the scope of Mom's dedication to you all and her craft.

I have a background in visual art and digital media, a long-time boyfriend (who's into Tunisian crochet), and I play bass guitar. I wish I was indie enough to be a hipster. I spend too much time on the Internet. We live in Asheville, NC. 

--Janine Paris, junior Amy at Kniticality.