Procrastinating the Incomprehensible

"Easy" can be a deceptive word. Or a curse. The Easy Cabled Mitts pattern started out like lots of creative things: years ago on the back of an envelope, jotted down in a rush for a customer who wanted a quick mitt pattern for gift giving. Sometime later, I thought, "Hmm. I should make a pair of those," and so was born the pair of mitts from Cascade Eco Duo (The Yarn That Is Better Than Chocolate) you have seen in our shop. When people started asking for the pattern, as people do, my response was to smile nervously, mumble, and head them over to Ravelry. After months of this, I finally wrote something down and started handing it out, and after even longer, sat down to read it through and was horrified. What a mess! I don't even think there was a right glove...just 2 left ones, once the dust settled and the counting was done.

So, what did I do? I pulled the pattern and forgot all about it...until last week, when Ninfa and some friends stopped in to Kniticality for a visit. Of course, the magnetic mitt pattern called to them (Should I call them Magnetic Mitts?) and again, I was talking fast, but inside, I promised a pattern that, this time, I would straighten out OR ELSE. So I did, I thought, and the next day sat with a printed copy just to review (and gloat: I'll admit it. So nice to resolve those things that nag at you.)

 That sinking feeling came on me again, just like before. What had I done? Who could knit these lovely mitts from THAT? So, I got out my pencil, my needles, and some yarn and made a whole new pair. And finally I hope I have a pattern worth your effort. So please, with my compliments as well as a sincere apology, enjoy the Easy Cabled Mitts...I'd be thrilled if you'd send me a pic! Click here for the new pattern.